I am a Mother of two adult children, Kayla and Michael, and now a proud Grandmother to Oliver. I reside in Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband and business partner, Vince. We have the raddest four-legged buddy, Simba who follows his whole food meal plan and runs daily with me. He joins us at our nutrition hub every day and is extremely FIT!

Now let’s get into a day in my life. I live and breathe the healthy active lifestyle to my core. I worked as a nail technician and ran my own full-service salon, Indulgence Head 2 Toe for over twenty years. I enjoyed helping others look beautiful on the outside, but I found a path to do that on the inside as well, through my passion with health and fitness. I recently retired the nail business, to pursue my passion and have been able to help thousands with their health and fitness goals. I am so grateful to have a supportive husband, and community which allow me to live a life that was one time unimaginable. 

I started competing over eight years, ago and fell in love with the entire process. I wanted to take others with me to help them feel as great as I did. I learned to use food as fuel, feed my body properly and accomplish anything I put my mind too. Along my journey I have been able to guide thousands to get into the best shape of their lives through nutrition and fitness. I have created and grown a physique competition team globally, “Smoothies and Blenderz”. They include stories of losing weight, gaining muscle, eating in balance, gaining energy, or even gaining confidence. I have been able to earn over twenty-eight Professional titles (Bikini, Sports Model, Evening Gown) and I’m just getting started. 

I mentor a young lady from New Pathways for Youth (Youth at Risk) and she is so special. Mia brings joy to my life and I work to show her positive relationships, confidence and entrepreneurship. I thrive to make a difference in her life. 

Please be sure to check out the Tawnya Cline Collection. I created a line of athletic wear made in the USA. You’ll LOVE it! 

I want others to feel beautiful in their own skin.; embrace their flaws and appreciate their journey! We all have a story and we are all unique. This is why we should never compare ourselves to others. It is a mental head game. I have learned to love myself through personal development and to feel confident in any situation. 

The challenges in life help us to grow to who we are meant to be.  I embrace a challenge. It wasn’t always that way for me. I strive to empower others in every way possible. 

With running a salon (Indulgence Head 2 Toe), owning and operating a Nutrition Cafe (Nutrition Head 2 Toe), running a spray tan business (Bronzing Head 2 Toe), designing a clothing line (Tawnya Cline Collection) , mentoring a youth, competing and coaching a physique team, (Smoothies and Blenderz) preparing food for Vince, Simba and myself, you could say I keep extremely busy!  I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

I believe ANYTHING is possible. With a decision, a commitment, and hard work we can truly accomplish whatever we put our mind too!


The “Smoothies and Blenderz” are a Physique Competition Team that originated in Scottsdale, Arizona out of Nutrition Head 2 Toe. I created this team for the simple fact that I was looking to find a way for my clients to showcase their hard work on the competitive stage. I saw a need through my competition experience for a loving, encouraging group setting where athletes can find their greatness. Using the competitive platform was a way to expose this. Following my first few shows, I had many people express interest in competing, however they had fear, lacked confidence, and had doubt that it was even possible. I knew it was possible because I did it. So here we are today, almost eight years later with “Smoothies and Blenderz” not only locally but globally. They have found their shine through this beautiful team. There are over three hundred Physique Pros from all different divisions as well as many athletes who have had Magazine spreads and several Magazine covers. I love what this team represents. We are incredibly unique and I am so proud to be a part of it.